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  The Regatta usually happens in the first weekend in May. The reason for this is so that hopefully the water level is up as well as having some decent weather. In the case where May 1st would fall on a Sunday, the Regatta would be held on Sat, April 30th.

Most people get there Friday afternoon or evening and setup camp. There are races in the morning and then the fun stuff. Usually you go down the river in a canoe, but kayaks or Anything that floats are acceptable. There are five beer stops that you can stop at and take a break. Whenever you are done, you can pull your canoe out and they will shuttle you and your canoe back to the campgrounds.

There are a couple different campgrounds. One is located right behind the clubhouse and the Overflow is down the road.

Registration includes the shuttling of yourself and canoes, a mug and all the beer at the stops, and a chicken or beef dinner. Campsites are extra.

Great Valley is located just north of Salamanca, NY on RTE219. Click here to get directions or take a look at the map.

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May 6th, 2019
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